Springing Forward

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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last updated. I’m not sure where time goes anymore. I’m still on my journey. Still trying to figure this all out. The first 6 months were a breeze and then out of nowhere there was a shift. Head hunger came back, cravings came back. Now I had to fight. So because some days are really challenging I’ve learned to just take it day by day. Sometimes meal by meal. I {Read More}

Yoga Routine – Week 1

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Yoga is something I’ve always enjoyed even when I was a lot bigger but now I can actually do a lot of the poses and I’m just discovering my body is capable of so much. Yoga really helps me push myself and despite how challenging it can be – it’s relaxing. I’m going to work on 10 different poses each week. My goal is to increase how long I can hold each pose and to perfect each pose and eventually {Read More}

Time For A Change


It’s definitely been awhile. I’ve been bouncing around different shifts at work and I think I finally found one that works for me. I’ve been able to keep up on my workouts and actually have “me” time. I feel content right now. I also decided to go back to school. As long as everything continues to get approved then I’ll be starting in March. I’m pretty excited. There’s been so many changes since I had this surgery and the majority {Read More}

November Goals

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November is officially here. This is a time where Autumn fights to hold on while Winter slowly takes over. It’s just a matter of days before the first snowflake will fall and everything will freeze. October flew by for me. It really all seemed like a daze. I didn’t concentrate on myself much. I didn’t drop much weight. I want November to be different. I decided to set some monthly goals. Not just weight loss goals but goals in all {Read More}

October Summary

Pumpkin Farm

So I made the last post and then disappeared for weeks AGAIN. Life has just been hectic and busy. I’m trying to pick up a second job to help make the holiday stress a little easier. But then again trying to get another job is stress itself. But I think if you put the effort into something then things will work out so I’m having faith that everything will work out. We did go to the Pumpkin Farm so that {Read More}

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

  I know we are a little ways into fall already but I always do a fall bucket list and I love it. Here are a few (ok, maybe ALOT) of the things I’d like to do before winter arrives: Visit a pumpkin farm – Done Go through a corn maze – Done Carve pumpkins – Done Go Apple Picking  Go on a hay ride – Done  Find or make a low sugar version apple cider – Done Go on {Read More}

Everything Changed


It’s been a little over a month since I last posted and so much has happened. I’ve been working at my job for a month now. It was really exhausting and painful at first but my body has adjusted well. I’m still trying to adjust to my ever changing schedule. But I enjoy working and bringing home a paycheck every week. I still struggle with proper eating on days I work. I don’t eat junk but I don’t track my {Read More}

Weigh In Wednesday – Adjusting

I hope everyone is doing well. In case you haven’t noticed it’s been quiet around here. I’ve been so busy. I finished my training for work last week and started work this week. Today is my day off. Work has been kicking my butt. I’ve been getting up at 5am and getting home after 3pm. By the time 8pm rolls around I am just ready for bed. Thankfully I get to work later Thursday and Friday.  I’m definitely not a {Read More}

Weigh In Wednesday

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! My baby girl started her first day of kindergarten today and had her first ride on the big bus. She’s been going to school for 2 years already so she’s a pro at it and it shouldn’t bother me but I’ve been a little nervous today. I’m excited and happy for it because she is one of those kids that love school but I’m also hoping everything goes well and her experience {Read More}

Friday 5 – A Great Week

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I was a little down in my last post but things have really started looking up. So let’s get to my 5 favorite things from the past week: 1. My daughter had kindergarten orientation. She got to meet all her classmates and her new teacher while the parents got a little tour of the school and were told about everything. Her teacher made all the students little bags with lots of neat things in them. This was the Kindergarten First {Read More}